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Contact: Janet Bennett, 13 Broxholm Road, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5RL  
Telephone: 0191 276 3019  mail@janetbennett.co.uk       Links page

listen to samples of tracks marked *

*Loch Leven Castle/Swallow’s Tail Reel – Scottish

I Will Marry A Boy From The Northland – Boswell

The Rowan Tree/Salmon Tails Up The Water – The Borders

Oh The Oak And The Ash – Northumbrian /

I Have A Wife Of My Own – The Borders

Wild Hills O’Wannies – Northumbrian

Da Auld Resting Chair – Scottish /

South Shore – Northumbrian

Beautiful Lindisfarne – Waugh

Carefree Craster – Bennett

Sir John Fenwick/Last Of The Twins – Irish

Bobby Shaftoe – Northumbrian

Sweet Hesleyside/Drops Of Brandy – Northumbrian

North Of The Tyne – Boswell

Golden Eagle – Northumbrian/Northumbrian Fiddler – Waugh

*Whittingham Fair /Jumping Puddles – Northumbrian

On The Way To Wallington – Bennett

Skye Boat Song – Scottish

Peacock Followed The Hen/The Tenpenny Bit/Small Coals And Little Money – Northumbrian

My Border Home – Waugh

From Hills To Shore - The Border Minstrels

Janet Bennett Harpist & Singer Newcastle uon Tyne

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